What is the prayer room

Prayer requests? You can send them through using the contact form on this page.

The Prayer Room is located on level 1 of 177 South Terrace, South Fremantle, EXCEPT ON THE FIRST WEDNESDAY NIGHT OF THE MONTH, see schedule below. The Prayer Room is open throughout the week for you to come in and worship and pray with others.

Since 2005, this little room in South Fremantle has been set apart as a place of encounter with God – a place where people are transformed and where the atmosphere of our city is transformed through worship and prayer.


The Prayer Room is closed on Public Holidays. Regular Prayer Room hours are as follows:


  • 8am Devotional (webstream)
  • 9am Devotional (live music)
  • 10am Prayer for children/youth
  • 10:30am Devotional (webstream)
  • 12pm Closed


  • Closed


  • 8am Staff Prayer (others welcome)
  • 9am Devotional (live music)
  • 10am Prayer for each other and for Israel (Isaiah 62) (live music)
  • 10:30am Devotional (live music or webstream)
  • 11am Devotional (webstream)
  • 12pm Closed until 7pm
  • *Most Wednesdays – 7pm Live Worship and Prayer at 1/177 South Tce
  • *First Wednesday of the month – 7pm Live Worship and Prayer at Fremantle Christian College
  • 9pm Closed


  • Contact our office to check availability


  • 6-7am Men’s Prayer (webstream)
  • 8am Devotional (webstream)
  • 9am Devotional (live music)
  • 10am Growing in the Prophetic (learning to hear God’s voice together)
  • 11am Devotional (webstream)
  • 12pm Closed


Jesus quoted Isaiah 56 when he declared ‘my house shall be a house of prayer’ (Matt 21:13). When God calls us by a specific name, it indicates our character and how we are to function. In God’s eyes the house of prayer reality is central to our identity and activity as the Church. Prayer is primarily about encountering God and growing in relationship with him. With a Biblical understanding of prayer, we could paraphrase Jesus’ declaration as: ‘my house shall be a house of encounter, intimacy, partnership, agreement’.

As an expression of the broader ‘house of prayer’ in Fremantle and Perth, we gather to:
• Worship – we minister to God by declaring His worth continually, reflecting the way He receives worship in heaven (Matt 6:10; Rev 4:8).
• Intercede – we ask for the release of God’s power to spread the fame of Jesus and to win the lost, revive the church, and impact society.
• Feed on God’s Word – we ‘read it, say it, sing it, pray it’ because it leads us to Jesus and gives us understanding of God’s heart and his will for this hour of history.

In pursuing an active prayer life, we are constantly challenged with the lie that we are wasting time talking to a wall when there is so much to do! However, we are convinced in agreement with the Bible that our primary role as believers is to walk in intimacy with God, and from that place truly worthwhile productivity will flow (John 5:19, 15:4).


‘Live music’ means there will be musicians and singers leading the set. Our goal is to continually increase this aspect of our Prayer Room.
‘Webstream’ means we’ll be using a pre-recorded worship/prayer session, usually from IHOPKC.org.
‘Intercession’ sets will have times where those who want to can join in praying for specific themes.
‘Devotional’ sets provide an opportunity to read and meditate on the Bible and engage in personal prayer while being in an atmosphere of worship. Usually these sets are simple with one voice and one instrument.
‘Worship with the Word’ is a singing Bible study where singers sing about a particular passage of Scripture. It combines worship and meditation for the purpose of growing in the knowledge of God and being transformed by the power of His Word.


A prayer leader will be present to give direction for all of these activities.

When a live team is leading the set, they will often use a musical model of prayer (see ‘harp and bowl’ in Revelation 5:8). This means that music and singing (harp) will mingle with the prayer leader’s speaking (bowl). We have found this to be a powerful and enjoyable model for sustaining communal prayer.