We all have to learn to pray (Luke 11:1). One of the best ways to learn is to pray the Bible with others. Prayers recorded in the Bible are a valuable gift to us: they are prayers that have burned in God’s heart for His people. They give us the language of his heart, and because God never changes, we can be assured that they are still burning in His heart. It is wisdom to follow the Apostle Paul’s instruction to speak and sing to one another using the Scriptures (Eph. 5:19)!

Some of the many passages that can be used for praying and singing the Bible:

  • Pray for revelation of Jesus’ beauty that we might walk in our calling and destiny by God’s power: Eph 1:17-19
  • Pray to receive the Spirit’s power so that Jesus’ presence would be revealed in us, so we experience God’s love: Eph 3:16-19
  • Pray for God’s love to abound in us by the knowledge of God, resulting in righteousness in our lives: Phil 1:9-11
  • Pray to know God’s will and to be fruitful in ministry and strengthened by intimacy with Him: Col 1:9-11
  • Pray that the Word will increase its influence in the city as God releases His power on it: 2 Thes 3:1
  • Pray that the light of God’s glory will shine upon unbelievers: 2 Cor 4:4,6
  • Pray for boldness and signs and wonders that testify of Jesus: Acts 4:29-30
  • Pray for overflowing hope: Rom 15:13
  • The Lord’s Prayer – each phrase is rich with meaning: Matt 6:9-13
  • The Psalms were designed to be sung and prayed. E.g. Psalms 27, 84, 86

People gather each week in our Prayer Room to pray the scriptures together. Ask us about coming along! info@newlifefremantle.com