Islam to Christ Testimony


Dipo shares his testimony of his journey from Islam to Christ and how he came to the decision to be baptised.

Islam to Christ Testimony2023-02-02T10:01:22+08:00

Developing Endurance


Julie Hollett interviews her dad, John Edwards, about his life of devotion to Jesus, developing endurance and finding hope in suffering.

Developing Endurance2023-02-02T10:00:39+08:00

Grace Fuelled Obedience


Wayne Hollett encourages us to live with grace fuelled obedience because it's the best way to live! Obedience that is not fuelled by grace doesn't produce the character of Christ in us.

Grace Fuelled Obedience2022-12-14T09:43:29+08:00

Shelters: Season of Rejoicing


Wayne Hollett reminds us to be a people who remember, rejoice and prophecy of the goodness of God!

Shelters: Season of Rejoicing2022-12-14T09:43:29+08:00

Jesus: Bridegroom, King and Judge


Three of our New Life Kids share about three different aspects of Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge.

Jesus: Bridegroom, King and Judge2022-12-14T09:43:29+08:00

Holy To The Lord


Daniel Hollett reminds us that God longs for his people and encourages us to participate in the Day of Atonement.

Holy To The Lord2022-12-14T09:43:29+08:00

The Day Of The Lord


John Yates shares an encouraging teaching with us on The Day of the Lord from 2 Peter 3.

The Day Of The Lord2022-12-14T09:43:29+08:00
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