Festivals, feasts, fasts and the story of God. The Biblical Calendar is an invitation into a rhythm that connects us God and His Story. At the centre of this story is God’s Son. God’s Calendar has always pointed towards Jesus – it still does. It’s full of shadows that point us to the substance; rehearsals that remind us of a greater reality. Join us in exploring the beauty and wisdom of Christ in the Calendar!

We love to use the language of “Passover” and “Resurrection” in what is traditionally known as the Easter season, as these words connect us to the Scriptures. In 2023, Passover begins on the evening of Wednesday April 5th.

New Life Church will be gathering in our House Church groups to celebrate a Passover meal together. If you are not part of a House Church and would like to enquire about Passover meals, please email info@newlifefremantle.com.

Click here to access a simple guide to hosting a Passover meal.

From March 27 – April 9 we are providing daily devotions that reflect on both the first Passover and the Passover of the Cross. You will be able to access these as a PDF (coming soon!), or email us and request to receive these as daily emails.

On Sunday April 9th we will be gathering at Fremantle Christian College to celebrate Jesus, the first fruits of the resurrection (1 Corinthians 15)! Find out more about the Day of Firstfruits using the infographics here.

How to Host a Passover Meal


Devotions – 27/3 to 9/4


Passover Infographics


Get Crafty – Ideas for Kids