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“…declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly. Gather the people…” Joel 2:15-16

Join us in the Prayer Room (8/54 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill) from September 22 - October 12 for 21 days of prayer with fasting. We invite you to prepare for this set apart season now, clearing out non-essential activity so that we can spend extended time in God’s presence together.


A Sacred Assembly is a set apart season, when we gather to worship, to pray and to seek God’s face intensely. We gather because it is an expression of our humble dependence on God. He is the only One worthy of our allegiance and our sincere worship.

We gather when we are connected to our weakness, our lack of love, our compromise, our propensity to be weighed down with the burdens and distractions of our lives, our pride, our fears.

We gather because we know we need Him; we need His presence; we need His grace and we need to be still before Him. We need Him to cleanse us, fill us afresh with His Spirit and send us out clothed with real power.

We gather because we are desperate people. We gather because the days are dark and we must walk in His pure light.

The Day of the LORD is coming. Gather the people. Consecrate the assembly. Gather.


The Prayer Room will be open for extended hours and a sign-up form will become available so that you can commit to gather as ‘watchmen on the wall’ of prayer. Resources to help us stay engaged in fasting and prayer are available below.

This season of fasting will conclude on the Day of Atonement (October), and will lead us into celebrating God’s Festival of Shelters together with special Sunday celebrations on October 13 & 20.


Everyone who is able to is invited to voluntarily participate in fasting during our 2024 Sacred Assembly. Participation in food fasts will always vary according to age, life circumstances and health. No-one should endanger their health with a food-fast. However, in Australia many people engage in comfort-eating or over-eating and while fasting is uncomfortable it does not pose a health risk for many people. If in doubt consult your doctor first.

Below are some suggestions of how you might engage in fasting from September 22 - October 12 (these are not prescriptive, these are a few ideas to help you start a conversation with the Lord about your own fasting).

  • Food

    • A 21 day ‘Daniel fast’ – no sweets or meats. Only, or mostly fruit and vegetables

    • No eating after 12pm each day (or another period of time each day)

    • Only consume water/juice on a selected day or days each week

    • Fast from all dessert/treats

    • Fast from ‘fast food’

  • Media/entertainment

    • Pause all social media activity, movies, TV

    • Pause or reduce interaction with News platforms

    • Only engage with music and books that are for the purpose of intimacy with Jesus

  • Activity

    • Reduce spending/shopping

    • Reduce social activity in order to gather more often in prayer and worship

    • Choose to stay in the Prayer Room for specific hours instead of other ‘normal’ activities


Email to request our daily devotionals for September 22-October 23.

Download a list of Apostolic Prayers: 

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 2.44_edited.png

After the fasting comes the feasting as we celebrate God’s Festival of Shelters! 

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