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Is he a lunatic, a liar, or is he the Lord of all?

Our answer changes everything.

At the centre of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ. He did not only claim to be teaching people the truth; he claimed that he was truth (John 14:6); that he was God: “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9).

Was he the Son of God? Is he the only way a person can know God? Does he still welcome outcasts and broken people? Is forgiveness and healing and the hope of unbreakable New Life truly on offer through this God-man?

‘Christian’ comes from the phrase ‘little Christ’. To become a Christian is to trust that Jesus Christ is who he says he is and to begin the journey of following, loving, worshiping, obeying and becoming like him.

Jesus invites us to a journey of repentance, which means turning around to face and follow him; no longer living as if he doesn’t matter. That word ‘journey’ is important to us. As Christians, we haven’t arrived. We’re not superior to others. We don’t deserve anything from God. We need help from him today as much as ever.

But we are people who are tasting New Life. We are trusting that the death of Jesus on the cross means the death of our guilt for mistreating God and people (forgiveness). We are trusting that the resurrection of Jesus has secured our future physical resurrection and the renewal of all creation (hope).

Jesus is present right now through his Spirit. You can talk to him today and know that you are loved by him and that your voice really matters to him. Contact us if you’d like to talk about any of this.

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